Teen Universe Arizona

2022 Teen Universe Arizona Registration is open!

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City Sashes available on a first come, first serve basis!
5 State Titles:
Teen Universe Arizona Pre-Teen
Teen Universe Arizona
Miss Teen Mundial Arizona
Miss Teen Charm Arizona
Miss Teen International Arizona
Preliminary competition to Teen Universe USA (Teen & Pre-Teen), Miss Teen Mundial USA , Miss Teen Charm USA and Miss Teen International USA


Born female, single (never married, never had a child) Must be ages 15-19 years old

Pre-Teen must be 10-15 years old

Must be a resident or US Citizen with the ability to travel outside the country.

Must be a current student in high school or college.


Our program looks for teenagers in the country making a difference. Focusing in involvement within their community and pursuing a better path to education. The program is designed to be a great endeavor to advance in your career and personal goals. 


AREAS OF COMPETITION: Personal interview, fashion wear, swimwear and evening gown competition. (Performing Talent is NOT a requirement) ​​

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